The sophisticated and versatile designs of Jaime Hayon

Tuesday, February 11, 13.46 GMT

The sophisticated and versatile designs of Jaime Hayon

Jaime Hayon He is a creative who undulates art, decoration and design in a unique way.

Avant-garde, born in Madrid, Spain, in 1974, so from a young age he developed in graffiti and skateboarding.

He studied industrial design both in his country and in Paris, executing a versatile and sophisticated style.

Thus, it transforms the contemporary panorama with intricate and definitely innovative pieces.

In the same way, it intervenes hotels, restaurants, establishments, interiors or objects around the world.

Currently its main offices are in Valencia, but it also has extensions in Barcelona and Treviso, Italy.

It is recognized by specialized publications, critics and consumers.

In addition to being considered as one of the most influential people in his area and praised as a visionary by the magazine Times.

The multidisciplinary breaks any barrier and prints its particular style in everything it touches.

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