Tracey Emin, the artist who gave Munch a sculpture of her mother

Tuesday, February 11, 13.18 GMT

Tracey Emin, the artist who gave Munch a sculpture of her mother

Tracey Emin She is a conceptual artist who reveals in her works the deep traces left by certain experiences.

The one born in England in 1963 He experienced each event intensely.

During his childhood, adolescence and youth he collected memories that he would later download in his art.

He is recognized as a member of the group Young British Artists.

Among his most famous works is My bed which at the time was sold for 225 thousand dollars.

His pieces can be seen in the form of painting, drawing, video, photography, sculpture and installation.

Through traditional or traditional techniques, it is focused so that each creation works as an escape valve for everything that happens inside.

Provocative, it also recognizes an interesting approach towards feminist speeches.

His greatest inspirations are Edvard Munch and Egon Schiele, in which he finds a deep introspection.

Even in one of his latest installments he presented a nine-meter sculpture made in bronze that he called himself munch's mother, since he was orphaned as a child.

In this way, Emin wanted to pay tribute to one of his greatest influences.

The structure weighing 15 tons will remain this 2020 in the new Munch Museum, in Oslo.

Emin, currently lives between France and London

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