Three interesting Korean artists that sound loud

Wednesday February 12 12.39 GMT

Three interesting Korean artists that sound loud

Like every country, Korea It has interesting artists that bring us innovative and revitalizing proposals.

Creatives that compose pieces that take us to other universes, capable of arousing mixed emotions and thoughts due to their audacity.

Here we leave three that we think you should know.

Jee Young Lee, 1983

The pictures Surreal and extraordinary worlds appear under its precise lens.

It usually shows self-portraits in which it appears always looking anywhere else, except the viewer.

He studied at the University of Hongik in Seoul and one of its characteristics is to work without retouching the images he creates.

Due to the talent it demonstrates with each delivery it is already recognized internationally.

Do Ho Suh, 1962

He moves with mastery in sculpture and installation, deeply interested in individuality, anonymity and collectivity.

He obtained a degree in Fine Arts and a master's degree in oriental painting from the Seoul National University.

One of the most frequent themes in his work is migration and identity. Also, it explores notably the so-called modulated emotional architecture.

Space, shapes and colors are distinctive components of the artist.

Jeongmoon Choi, 1966

The one born in Seoul usually works with installations made with tensioned wires, some of them are transformed by ultraviolet light.

Generally seeks interaction with the audience through lines, movement and spaces.

It also addresses the painting. She is a master in painting by the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Sungshin and currently lives in Berlin.

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