The nearby and architectural sculptures of Rachel Whiteread

Friday, February 14 17.16 GMT

The nearby and architectural sculptures of Rachel Whiteread

Rachel Whiteread She is an artist who appeals to consciousness and reflection in her works.

From London, was born on April 20, 1963, standing out in sculpture with exceptional molds.

His father was a professor of geography and his mother artist, so since childhood he had a close relationship with architecture and different forms of expression.

This is how Whiteread studied painting at the Brighton Polytechnic and sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Arts.

Later he was part of the group and movement called Young British Artists

She was the first woman who won the Turner Prize in 1993.

His pieces are close and extraordinary, his first large-scale copy was GhostOf 1990.

But then many more would come, among the most famous are House o Untitled Monument.

The creative one is recognized worldwide and considered one of the most notable of its generation.

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