The terrestrial portraits of the Cuban artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada

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The terrestrial portraits of the Cuban artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada

Without internet and geolocation, it is impossible to appreciate the terrestrial portraits of Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada.

And it is that this Cuban artist, left the limits of the canvas and began to capture his art on large surfaces.

Therefore, there are faces and identities that can only be seen from the top. From space.

His canvases are walls and floors. Their models, citizens and anonymous citizens.

He is a street portraitist who draws on walls of different cities around the world.

An atypical artist who does not want his works to endure, but to make an impact.

The terrestrial portraits of Rodríguez-Gerada, made as terrestrial interventions that can be seen from space, reflect the traces of other people.

They are part of a memory that refuses to be just a passing signal.

Terrestrial faces that give personality

Although it has always been based on cities, street art (urban art) has not always belonged to citizens.

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada has changed this and given him a new condition.

Above all, because his contemporary art is aimed at people who live in cities.

Their terrestrial faces give personality to unknown corners of the cities.

The walls were small; Wish (wish) his most colossal work occupied more than four hectares in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

These images are made to be appreciated thanks to a panoramic photo of the place. Or even a satellite photograph.

Technology is part of his work, this is achieved with GPS positioning.

In Amsterdam, he portrayed a human rights activist, to raise awareness about climate change.

In Barcelona, ​​he captured Obama's face by the sea and called him: Expectation.

Here, he wondered about the euphoria surrounding a president who promised to "save" the economy of the richest country in the world. And by the way, the world economy.

The floors, the walls, the sand and the fields are some of the frames of Gerada.

For this reason, Rodríguez-Gerada has its own unique space in contemporary art.

Since his arrival in the nineties with Culture Jamming until his recent Terrestrial Series.

His work has not left behind the classic arguments of urban artistic practice, but is far from some of:

The excess of graffiti, the sonority and the invasive aesthetics, and passed to a calmer and more reflective environment.

Art full of memories

His contemporary art, keeps a message also about the permanence of the work or how ephemeral this may be.

Their terrestrial faces climb to be appreciated as works of art.

In the words of the artist, his murals and terrestrial faces become part of the landscape. And despite leaving, these works are full of memories.

In addition, people who live in these regions want the faces and expressions to remain.

That his work lasts, as if it were a painting on a wall of a museum.

Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada currently resides in Spain.

His terrestrial portraits, full of important meanings, are a sign of the importance of returning any space in art, of land art.

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Grounded Gratitude by @gerada_studio studio for In Situ Art Festival, 2014 Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada pays particular attention to the choice of his subjects. The intervention on the ground is very symbolic and strong. It is often unsung heroes who work in the shadow of the spotlight, without media coverage, while they nevertheless deserve recognition. Mrs Picquart has worked for many years creating social links in this popular area of ​​Aubervilliers. It is through her commitment to social and labor integration of the poorest residents, particularly women and young people, that she has created such a positive impact in her community. . #artenville | @olivierlandes drone by VisuDrone #insituartfestival #assoartenville #arturbain #aubervilliers #geradastudio #jorgerodriguezgerada #portrait #painting #aerial #homage #publicspace #streetart #urbanart #monumental

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