Chris Ofili: Different materials and controversial works

Thursday, February 13 13.02 GMT

Chris Ofili: Different materials and controversial works

Chris Ofili He is a contemporary painter controversial for the use of 'different materials' in his works.

He was born in Manchester on October 10, 1968 and studied at Chelsea School of Art and the Royal College of Art.

It belongs to the group and movement of Young British Artists and in his pieces a remarkable influence of his Nigerian heritage is shown.

To work use traditional elements such as resin, beads, oil paint or glitter.

But there are others that he employs not so common, such is the case of pornographic magazine clippings or elephant dung.

With all these components it produces a varied color palette, as well as textures that arise from the extravagant mix.

Meanwhile, the meticulous details are a distinctive feature of Ofili.

Critics have classified his pieces as punk art.

Since 2005 he lives in Port of Spain, Trinidad Island, however, he also moves between London and Brooklyn.

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