The psychomago of the cinema and the tarot: Alejandro Jodorowsky

Friday, February 14 17.25 GMT

El 17 of February 1929 the artist and psychomago born in Tocopilla, Chile Alejandro Jodorowsky Prullansky.

Of Jewish-Ukrainian descent and naturalized French, his career stands out mainly in writing, cinema and tarot.

He began his artistic activities at a very young age inspired mainly by literature and cinema.

He published his first poems in 1945, later working with Nicanor Parra and Enrique Lihn.

At the same time, he developed a particular interest in puppets and pantomime, so at the age of 17 he debuted as an actor.

The wizard of the cinema

In 1953, Jodorowsky left Chile to travel to Paris, where he studied pantomime with Étienne Decroux, the professor of Marcel Marceau.

The following year he joined the theater company of Marceau, with whom he toured all over the world.

Four years later he made his film debut with the short film Mimo La cravate, praised by Jean Cocteau.

Jodorowsky, also had a deep relationship with Mexico, where he remained until 1974.

Interested in psychological and mystical subjects, he began in psychotherapy next to Erich Fromm in Cuernavaca and in Zen meditation with the teacher Ejo Takata.

In 1962 he founded the Panic Movement, influenced by Alfred Korzybski, dadá, surrealism and the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein.

That was how he started a cinema with esoteric elements, symbolisms and surrealism.

For some unintelligible, Jodorowsky's films have a place in the cult cinema.

In 1967, he made his first film Fando and Lis, adaptation of the homonymous work by Fernando Arrabal.

Starring Diana Mariscal and Sergio Kleiner, it was screened at the Acapulco festival in Mexico.

However, it was not well received, so even Jodorowsky ran away from the festival.

His second film, The top, premiered in 1970 achieving international recognition.

John Lennon even offered to distribute the film and finance part of his next project: The sacred mountain (1973).

Originally George Harrison would be the protagonist of this film.

Among others of his works are also Tusk (1980) Holy blood (1989) The rainbow thief (1990) The dance of reality (2013) Poesía sin fin (2016) and recently Psychomagia (2019).


Jodorowsky is also the creator of the psychomagic.

This technique aims to serve as "spiritual healing", which refers to shamanism, tarot, psychoanalysis and the effect of theater.

His passion for the unknown and especially for understanding the tarot led him to accumulate more than a thousand different decks.

But it was Marseille's tarot that seduced him, analyzing each of the 78 cards in the deck.

He currently lives in Paris, where he teaches tarot and psychomagia techniques.

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