The magic of details in Victo Ngai's illustrations

Wednesday February 12 16.55 GMT

The magic of details in Victo Ngai's illustrations

Victo Ngai She is perhaps one of the most recognized and promising illustrators in the contemporary scene.

Born in Hong Kong, she decided to venture into a new life in NY To pursue your dream

He entered the Rhode Island Design School where his talent excelled and was exposed.

The pseudonym he adopted derives from the name Victoria.

He has collaborated with The New York Times, Penguin Random House, Apple, Lufthansa, Dreamworks to mention some companies that approached the creative.

His fantastic illustrations definitely have a powerful poetic component.

Details are everything, that's probably where the magic of his creations comes from.

Each piece tells an incredible story that can be extracted only from Ngai's imagination.

The passion to draw, travel and eat surprises us more and more with its spectacular deliveries.

The improvement that has reached through time is overwhelming.

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