Peter Kennedy, the prolific and pioneer of neon installations

Wednesday, January 08 15.15 GMT

Peter Kennedy, the prolific and pioneer of neon installations

Peter kennedy It is a fundamental figure to understand the installations composed of neon light.

Born in Brisbane in 1945, the Australian began his career in the mid-60s.

And only for the beginning of the following decade, he was already recognized for his work.

It was precisely in 1970 that different artists joined to found Inhibitor, an experimental and decisive space for the artistic scene.

Which resulted in interesting installation, performance, sound and video projects, among others, from that country.

Kennedy is also one of the most prominent pioneers in terms of lighting installations.

He was the one who made fluorescent tubes a fundamental part of his minimalist arrangements.

However, he did not limit himself to them, he also addressed the photography, sculpture and drawing, even cinema.

It also found in the light its main form of expression, in its properties and effects its unique seal.

The works of his authors generate immersive environments in which the luminous sculptures give way to imagination and interpretation.

The conceptual artist currently lives in Melbourne, Victoria and continues his creative work.

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