Fresh Meat: Women as a critical object of modernity

Tuesday, March 05, 11.10 GMT

Fresh Meat: Women as a critical object of modernity

Fresh Meat is a series of photographs of social criticism where women's faces are packed like pieces of meat.

This photographic series was made by the Swedish artist Julia SH and English Nick sadler.

These photographers vacuum-pack 5 women and turn them into critical symbols of modernity.

En Fresh Meat the canons of beauty and the aesthetic rules of what are considered "beautiful women" are challenged.

Beauty which only corresponds to an industry involved in complex, stereotypes and archetypes difficult to meet by the majority of the population.
Thanks to the plastic packaging, the faces of women are distorted. They allude to arte grotesque.

Fresh Meat It was intended for the magazine Nice! in order to make an introspection to the naturalized.

Julia SH and Nick Sadler achieve bring to subject, standardized norms. They criticize, from photography, the status quo of beauty and of objectifying.